Your Lhasa Apso’s ears can easily get matted, so you may need to remove some hair to get rid of ear mats. Depending on your dog’s particular breed, you may have to do this as often as every couple of months. My first heavily-coated Lhasa puppy, Dolly, had more hair in her ears than on the rest of her body.

If you want to prevent ear infections, you’ll need to pluck the hair regularly. The hair grows thickly inside Lhasa Apso ears. You can either pluck it from your Lhasa using tweezers, a hemostat, or your fingers. Either way, stop and rub the ears every once in a while. When you’re done, clean the ears as thoroughly as possible. You may use a dog ear powder to remove the hair from the inside of your dog’s ears. If you’re not sure how to remove the hair, you can hire a professional to do it for you.

Lhasa Apsos have long, flowing coats that need to be regularly groomed. Depending on its breed, long hair between the pads is allowed to grow, but it should be cut short if you plan to show them at shows. The long hair can cause mats and force the pads apart. To keep the coat clean and shiny, try trimming the hair in layers and comb it over the pads, then cut the hair close to the foot outline. Longer layers will give the dog a rounded appearance.

After the ears are clean, you can gently wipe them with a dog ear cleaner or a cotton ball. Do not use the ear cleaner if you are not sure how strong it is. It can damage the delicate ear canals and cause itching or dryness. When cleaning the ears, make sure to rinse the solution well and sanitize the tools. If the dog shows resistance, distract it with a treat.

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Once the ear cleaner has dried, you can gently massage it into the ear canal. This process will reveal any dirt or debris inside the ear. Then, wipe the inside of the flap with a cotton ball or gauze. Be sure to gently massage the base of the ear with the cotton ball or gauze. As you work, encourage the dog to shake its head to remove the solution.

Before cleaning your Lhasa Apso’s ears, you should first prepare the cleaning solution. It is important to use a veterinarian-approved ear cleaner, as pointed swabs may push the dirt deeper into the ear and cause infection or damage to the inner ear structures. Keep in mind that cleaning ears may be messy, so make sure you use a well-ventilated room to do this task.Similar Posts: