When training your Basset Hound, positive reinforcement and repetition are your best weapons. You can train him in a variety of ways, such as using crate training, a leash, and scent training. It may take a while, but the rewards will be well worth it in the end. Here are some tips for success:

Positive reinforcement

When disciplining your Basset hound, always remember that he is a lower-energy animal, so he does not understand punishment. In contrast, they are extremely responsive to praise and rewards. To help you avoid such a situation, it is wise to learn to read your dog’s body language and respond appropriately to his cues. Moreover, do not pressure or hassle him unless he is willing to comply with your requests.

Besides, the use of rewards is a great way to motivate a food or fun-oriented dog. One example of a bloodhound’s motivation is a cookie, which police officer Jeff Schettler uses to motivate his bloodhound, Ronin. The key to success is being creative in identifying the rewards for good behaviors, and solving problems. Another method of correcting behavior is yelling. However, this method does not teach your dog patience and requires a lot of effort.

Crate training

One way to discipline your dog is through crate training. This can be done in many ways, and is a great way to curb destructive behavior in your basset hound. You can use a crate as a place to confine your dog while you are away. You should make it as comfortable as possible, and introduce toys at appropriate times. Keeping your dog in the crate will help make him less likely to poop on the floor or eat on the furniture.

Crate training your dog should be a part of your daily routine. Make it a point to take your dog outside before you put them in their crate, and remember to put them back in the crate an hour before eliminating. Once you get them used to going outside, it should be safe for you to go for lunch or dinner. If they eliminate in the crate, give them a treat and let them out.

Leash training

To begin leash training your Basset Hound, it is important to teach him not to pull or run off on his own. Make sure to spend plenty of time practicing walking the dog on a leash together so that he doesn’t run off by itself. Once this is learned, you and your dog can enjoy many miles together! Here are some tips to help you begin the process. Leash training for basset hounds will make walking your dog an enjoyable experience!

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Using the leash to train your Basset Hound can be tricky, especially in urban areas. While they are sweet and loving, this breed is notoriously stubborn. For this reason, you’ll need to be inventive and use different methods to train your dog to follow you. Smelly food and treats can be effective training tools. When training your Basset hound, make sure to keep your voice and hand gestures consistent and positive.

Scent training

Scent training as a discipline for a basset hound can be an excellent way to teach the dog a new skill. Scent hounds have excellent noses and can follow scent trails for hours at a time without tiring. You can also use a hidden scent object to teach your hound a new command. To train your dog to scent, make it a fun game for the both of you.

The first thing that you must remember about scent training as a discipline for basset houe is that this breed was bred for hunting without a handler, so their instinct to follow scents is highly developed. This means that it is important to work with a basset hound carefully to train it in a positive way. Be sure to praise the positive behavior, ignore the negative one, and make it as enjoyable as possible for the dog.


The right kind of punishment for your Basset Hound can result in the behavior you want. Punishment doesn’t make them understand what they’ve done wrong, but it can be useful when you want to reinforce a particular behavior. To achieve this, you must approach training from the dog’s point of view. Many owners place their own human characteristics onto their Basset, which makes training difficult. Here are some ideas to get started.

The Basset Hound is a long, low-set scenting hound with French ancestry. Their majestic head and large, velvety ears are considered attractive by admirers. Their soulful, dark eyes are very distinctive. These characteristics make them one of the most recognizable breeds. In addition to hunting, they are great companions. They get along well with children. The Basset Hound worksheet pack contains 20 pages of information about this breed.Similar Posts: