What does a short haired basset hound looks like?

A Basset Hound’s defining features are its legs, ears, and dwarfism. These traits make the breed an ideal protector against small game. Whether you’re interested in a short-haired, long-haired, or mixed-breed dog, you’ll find information on each characteristic in this article. Read on to learn more about the different types of basset hounds and their looks.


While most breeds have some common symptoms, a short-haired Basset Hound has more complicated health concerns. Aside from exhibiting common dog problems, these dogs can also exhibit symptoms of hereditary disorders. A genetic disorder known as von Willebrand’s disease may cause bleeding, which can be mild to severe and last for long periods of time. If your Basset exhibits any of these symptoms, see a veterinarian immediately.

Basset Hounds tend to shed excessively and often have a drooling problem. Their ears tend to get irritated by dirt and are often prone to infection. These dogs are also susceptible to flatulence. A change in diet may be necessary to prevent flatulence. These dog symptoms can be frustrating for a fastidious housekeeper. For more information, read on!


The short haired Basset hound is a great option if you are looking for a dog with a distinctive appearance. The short coat sheds constantly, and is extremely smooth. Bassets vary greatly in color, but are generally black with tan or lemon accents. The breed can also be blue or grey, but these are rare in show rings. While it is not essential, the short haired Basset will look much more like a real hound!

While the Basset hound is not an exceptionally well-known breed, it has made some notable appearances in popular culture. One such appearance is Jackie Cooper’s Basset hound named Dog. This dog also appeared in the 1970s TV show Columbo as a faithful companion for Cleopatra. In the 1980s television series The Dukes of Hazard, Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane owned Flash, a life-sized replica that he used for dangerous situations. The 1990 sitcom Coach starred the Basset, and Quincey and Sammy were pets of Luther in the show. The 1990s TV show That’s So Raven featured the Basset hounds Sammy and Quincey, and the Basset hounds were also featured in Nanny McPhee and Spider-Man 2.


The Basset Hound is a very small dog, and its short legs make it a good candidate for apartment living. They don’t require large areas of land, but they do need an opportunity to exercise. They can be a nuisance off lead, but you’ll need to ensure that they have plenty of space to run and play. The following tips will help you take good care of your short-haired Basset hound.

First and foremost, you must have the time and energy to exercise the dog. A Basset hound only needs about 20 minutes of exercise a day. But they love chasing after strong scents and will keep on chasing until they find it. While it may seem like a fun activity, you should keep in mind that Bassets are notorious for drooling. The saliva accumulates in the jowls and the flaps of skin around their mouth.

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The Basset Hound is a small dog with a short coat that usually is a tri-color. The white flag on the tail was bred into the breed to make it easy to see in brush and other areas where it might not have been seen otherwise. They are a low-to-the-ground dog that is sure to get muddy. As scent hounds, Basset Hounds are often found hunting and tracking prey.

The Basset Hound originated in France and is one of six recognized „basset” types. The word bas derives from the French word bas (meaning low) and the attenuating suffix -et, which means „rather low”. The breed is usually tricoloured or bicolour. Its origin dates back to the 6th century when the aristocracy of France used it to hunt game of all sizes.

Symptoms of a long velvety ear

There are several symptoms that a long velvety ear in tawny Basset Hound might display. The ears are extremely long, hanging loosely over the head. The drooping ears of this dog may be an indicator of an underlying health problem. The Basset Hound has a laid-back personality and is very easy-going.

A dog with a long velvety ear could be suffering from a disorder called von Willebrand’s disease. This disease is a hereditary disorder that can cause excessive bleeding over a long period of time. The first step to treat this disease is to consult a veterinarian and ask them to run a blood test. You should be certain to avoid surgery on your dog if it has this condition.

Keeping a short haired basset hound clean and dry

Keeping a short-haired Basset Hound clean and dry is easier than you might think. This breed is a low-energy pet that requires about 20-30 minutes of exercise a day. Their ear flaps can drag in dirt and puddles. They’re also very strong and agile, so if you leave them alone for long periods of time, they’re likely to howl. Bassets also tend to drool a lot. Their saliva accumulates in their jowls and flaps of skin around their mouths. This saliva can get stuck in the hound’s ears.

One of the most important tasks you need to perform on a Basset Hound is daily ear care. Your dog’s ears need to be cleaned regularly after every bath or outdoor session. You want to make sure they’re clean and dry at all times. A dampened cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide will clean and remove crusty yucks. While your Basset Hound may seem small and fluffy, its long ears can cause the dog to trip and bite itself, resulting in an infection.Similar Posts: