Why basset hound stinks?

Are you wondering why your Basset Hound smells? Chances are, it’s the secretion of glands in the dog’s mouth that is the cause of this problem. While a regular bath can help reduce the smell, too frequent bathing may actually increase the problem. Basset Hounds should be given a bath every couple of weeks, though you can use your own judgment to decide how often to do so.

While Basset Hounds are good dogs, they will always smell. This is because their natural scenting ability helps them track the outdoors. Although this is a concern, you can use a strong perfume shampoo to help combat the odor, or you can try a DIY solution like La Pooch, which is a fragrance-based formula, or Lambert Kay Fresh and Clean with Baking Soda. Using Listerine or vinegar can also help minimize the smell, and some owners have noticed a decrease in odor after switching to corn-free food.

Another cause of why your Basset Hound stinks is a yeast infection. While it is not contagious, yeast infections can produce a smell similar to that of corn chips. If your dog suffers from this type of yeast infection, it’s important to treat it immediately. Your Basset Hound may have allergies to foods and odors in your house that are causing its smell. A professional veterinarian can help you determine the cause and treatment.

You might be thinking about giving up your Basset Hound because of the smell. In fact, this dog breed is one of the most affectionate and loyal dogs you’ll ever meet. While you may love him unconditionally, there’s just something about him that makes him stink. And it has nothing to do with his sweet personality. Bennie has proven it once and for all that he does indeed smell like corn chips.

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If your Basset Hound stinks, you should try to wash it. While shampoo and cleaning aids can help eliminate the problem, a veterinarian’s examination is still required. Brushing your dog every day may be enough to cure the problem. However, you should be careful to avoid excessive brushing, as this can lead to skin issues and a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. If you see a consistent increase in odor intensity, it is time to consult your veterinarian.

Sometimes, a dog can smell because of a yeast or bacteria infection. This is a very painful condition that can even cause your dog to lose its hearing. In such a case, your vet can perform a manual expression on your dog. Your vet can also give you some tips on how to clean your dog’s ears. Clean the outer part of your dog’s ear with a cotton ball.

Some breeds have skin conditions that cause them to stink. Some have wrinkly skin that is prone to skin fold dermatitis. Their skin is often in contact with other dogs, which creates a moist, warm environment that enables bacteria to grow and thrive. Moreover, this condition can cause the skin to become cracked and break, allowing bacteria to enter. This condition is not only painful, but it can lead to infections.Similar Posts: